Router consoles provide us with access to the internet, making them vital to almost every household. However, when you can't seem to get online, your router may be to blame. Over time, routers break down. Hardware failure is a common issue among them. Power surges can also break routers by damaging the circuitry. Overheating is an issue for routers, as they're often running 24/7 in places with poor circulation. Routers fail relatively often, so you should be prepared in case they do.

The majority of manufacturers' warranties only cover one specific device for a certain amount of time. They are often restricted to defects in workmanship and materials. They generally don't cover issues due to normal wear and tear or power surges. You are usually required to show your original purchase receipt or registration of the product at the time of purchase, just to get your product repaired. We offer affordable router protection to help you lower the risks and costs associated with unexpected repairs or replacements.

The UEP Plan protects an unlimited number of new and used computer and home entertainment products, including routers, under one plan for one low monthly price. The Plan is priced at ONLY $24.99/month (plus state tax).

  • UNLIMITED new and existing protected devices.
  • Drops, spills, and cracked screens (ADH) on eligible portable devices.
  • Mechanical and/or electrical failures as a result of normal wear and tear.
  • Protection from power surges.
  • Workmanship and material defects.

Long term contracts are not needed. Coverage is on a month-to-month basis that can be cancelled at any time with no cancellation fees. Coverage will remain in effect 30 days after cancellation.

* The UEP Plan does not provide protection for items individually (For example, a single tablet or a single gaming system). It covers all of the listed devices under one plan. An unlimited number of eligible devices can be covered. Cell phones are not included. This will save you time and money by preventing you from buying individual plans for each device. The Plan also provides coverage for existing electronics without making you look for proof of purchase.

  • If any eligible product experiences a failure we will fix it or replace it!
  • A service fee of $55 is required if your product needs to be serviced.
  • The service fee is not applicable to accessories i.e., Monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, modems, remote controls or controllers.
  • There is a $5,000 annual aggregated claim limit.

In the case that your product breaks, 30 days after subscribing to the Plan, you may file a claim by calling us, Monday – Friday, 8AM – 11PM EST and Saturday – Sunday, 9AM – 6PM EST.

Limitations and exclusions apply. See terms and conditions for full coverage details. Claims cannot be filed within the first 30 days.

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