— Based on average cost of repair by Asurion, 2014

The UEP Plan, powered by Asurion, provides protection for an unlimited number of a vast variety of eligible devices. Covered devices include laptops, desktops, tablets, routers, home entertainment systems, flat screen TVs, DVD players, gaming systems, home theater systems, and external hard drives.

The price for the Ultimate Electronics Protection Plan is only $24.99 per month (plus state tax). This includes laptop protection.

* The UEP plan does not provide protection for items individually (For example, a single tablet or a single gaming system). It covers all of the listed devices under one plan. An unlimited number of eligible devices can be covered. Cell phones are not included.

Ultimate Electronics Protection Coverage includes:

  • Workmanship and material defects.
  • An unlimited number of eligible electronic devices – home computing and home theater systems.
  • Spills, drops and cracked screens as a result of Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) on eligible portable devices.
  • Mechanical and/or electrical failures as a result of normal wear and tear.
  • Protection from power surges.
  • One laptop battery replacement annually.

Desktops, Laptops, Tablets (collectively referred to as “PC” or “PCs”). Each PC can include one (1) of each of the following: an associated external monitor, keyboard (wired or wireless), mouse (wired or wireless), modem and external desktop speaker set (wired). PCs eligible for coverage under this Plan are those equipped with a Windows Operating System version Windows XP or newer or Android version 1.6 or newer and Apple computers which are equipped with an Apple operating system version OS X (10) or newer.

Parts intended for periodic replacement including but not limited to batteries (excluding one annual laptop battery), lamps and bulbs. PCs that do not have administrator’s permissions. Covered Laptops must be able to upload and download software.
* There are additional exclusions, we recommend that you read and become familiar with the See terms and conditions.

  • We will fix or replace any eligible products if it experiences issues!
  • A service fee of $55 is required if your product requires service.
  • The service fee isn't applied to accessories i.e., keyboards, mice, monitors, speakers, remote controls, controllers, modems.
  • There is an annual aggregated claim limit of $5,000.

In the event your product experiences a breakdown, 30 days after subscription to the Plan, you may file a claim by calling us, Monday – Friday, 8AM – 11PM EST and Saturday – Sunday, 9AM – 6PM EST.

If specific repairs cannot be made where the product is based and need to be repaired at another location, the Ultimate Electronics Protection Plan covers all shipping and handling costs. Products that are covered, installed in cabinetry and other types of built-in applications, are still eligible to be serviced as long as they are made reasonably accessible to the service provider.

A product that cannot be serviced on site will be sent to a designated repair depot facility. If the product is not serviced on-site, it will be shipped to a designated repair depot location for service. A prepaid shipping label will be sent to you along with instructions for shipping your product to our authorized service center. The plan covers standard shipping costs.

No long-term contract is required. Coverage is on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled at any time with no cancellation fees. Coverage remains effective for 30 days after cancellation. We understand that laptop warranties are very essential today. Ultimate Electronics Protection provides the best coverage and service tailored to your laptop among other eligible electronics needs.

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